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颓坏tuíhuàidilapidated; decrepit
decay; rotten
衰朽shuāixiǔdecaying; decrepit; aged and crumbling
颓败tuíbàito decay; to decline; to become corrupt
颓朽tuíxiǔdecaying; rotten; decrepit
féicalf of leg; decay; protect
陨落yǔnluòto fall down; to decay; to fall from the sky; to die
靡烂mílànrotting; decaying
腐化fǔhuàto rot; to decay; to become corrupt
糜烂mílàndissipated; rotten; decaying
腐旧fǔjiùoutmoded; decadent; decaying
蜕变tuìbiànto transform; to morph; to degenerate; metamorphosis; transmutation; transformation; decay; degeneration
衰败shuāibàito decline; to wane; to decay; to deteriorate
tuíto crumble; to collapse; to decline; to decay; decadent; dejected; dispirited; balding
(same as ) to replace; to substitute; to decay; to decline, (a variant ) if, supposing, nevertheless
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