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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person).
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
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妄想wàngxiǎngto attempt vainly; a vain attempt; delusion
垂涎chuíxiánto water at the mouth; to drool
眼热yǎnrèto covet; envious
眼红yǎnhóngto covet; envious; jealous; green with envy; infuriated; furious
眼馋yǎnchánto covet; to envy
to covet; to long for
觊觎jìyúto covet; to long for; to lust after
贪图tāntúto covet; to seek (riches, fame)
hāngto covet; greedy
xiāasthmatic breathing, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to long for; to covet, to hum over; to moan; to groan
xuānto pull up the sleeves and show the arms, to fight with bare hands, to desire for more than one's rightful share; to covet; greedy
lín(standard form of ) to choose or select careful, to desire for more than one's rightful share; to covet; greedy
tānto have a voracious desire for; to covet; greedy; corrupt
垂涎三尺chuíxián sān chǐto drool (over) (idiom); to yearn for; to covet; to crave
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