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宫廷gōngtíngcourt (of king or emperor)
审判庭shěnpàn tíngcourt; tribunal; courtroom
朝廷cháotíngcourt; imperial household; dynasty
谈恋爱tán liàn'àito court; to go steady; to be dating
院落yuànluòcourt; courtyard
法院fǎyuàncourt of law; court
抛绣球pāo xiùqiúthrowing the embroidered ball (traditional Zhuang flirting game at festivals); (fig.) to make overtures; to court
自取zìqǔto help oneself to (food); to invite (trouble); to court (disaster)
球场qiúchǎngstadium; sports ground; court; pitch; field; golf course
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