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包米bāomǐ(dialect) corn; maize; also written 苞米
包粟bāosùcorn; maize
玉蜀黍yù shǔ shǔcorn
番麦fānmàicorn (Taiwanese)
粟米sùmǐcorn; maize (dialect)
老玉米lǎo yùmǐ(dialect) corn
苞粟bāosùcorn; maize
鸡眼jīyǎncorn (callus on the foot)
玉米yùmǐcorn; maize
(same as ) grains; corns; cereals
包谷bāogǔ(dialect) maize; corn; also written 苞谷
grain; corn
茧子jiǎnzicallus (patch or hardened skin); corns (on feet); also 趼子
老茧lǎojiǎncallus (patch or hardened skin); corns (on feet); also 老趼
老趼lǎojiǎncallus (patch or hardened skin); corns (on feet)
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