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Part of Speech(形) adjective
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商议shāngyìto negotiate; discussion; proposal
咨询zīxúnto consult; to seek advice; consultation; (sales) inquiry (formal)
to consult
征询zhēngxúnto consult; to query; to solicit opinion
quèconsult; knock; beat
讨教tǎojiàoto consult; to ask for advice
shāngto consult; to deliberate; commerce
参阅cānyuèto consult; to refer to; to read (instructions)
查阅cháyuèto consult; to refer to; to look something up in a reference source
磋商cuōshāngto consult; to discuss seriously; to negotiate; to confer; negotiations; consultations
商量shāngliangto consult; to talk over; to discuss
会商huìshāngto confer; to consult; to negotiate; to hold a conference
洽询qiàxúnto inquire (of); to consult
调阅diàoyuèto access (a document); to consult
zōuto choose; to consult
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