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大客车dà kèchēcoach
指导者zhǐdǎo zhěcoach; mentor; counselor; instructor; director; guide; conductor
客车kèchēcoach; bus; passenger train
辅导fǔdǎoto coach; to tutor; to give advice (in study)
任教rènjiàoto teach; to coach; to work as teacher
技术指导jìshù zhǐdǎotechnical instructor; coach
指导员zhǐdǎo yuáninstructor; coach; political instructor (in the PLA)
长途车chángtú chēlong-distance bus; coach
执教zhíjiàoto teach; to be a teacher; to train; to coach
指导zhǐdǎoto guide; to give directions; to direct; to coach; guidance; tuition
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