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崩决bēngjuéto burst (of dam); to be breached; to collapse
撑破chēngpòto burst
冲决chōngjuéto burst (e.g. a dam)
绽破zhànpòto burst; to split
冲垮chōngkuǎto burst; to break through; to topple
冲决chōngjuéto burst (e.g. a dam)
绽出zhànchūto burst
溃决kuìjuéto collapse (of a dam); to burst
爆裂bàolièto rupture; to burst; to explode
鼓鼓gǔgǔbulging; bursting
bàoto explode; to burst; to quick fry or quick boil
决口juékǒube breached; burst
崩坏bēnghuàicrash; breakdown (of social values etc); burst; to crumble; to collapse
zhèngto block; to stop up, to cork; to seal; (same as U+92E5 ) to polish; to grind; (Cant.) to push; to burst; to stuff
zhèndisposition of troops; wave; spate; burst; spell; short period of time; measure word for events or states of short duration
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