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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Cry loudly.
  2. Make a raucous noise.
  3. Shout loudly and without restraint.
Part of Speech(不及物的动) intransitive verb, (名) noun
Matching Results
叫喊jiàohǎnexclamation; outcry; shout; yell
叫卖jiàomàito hawk (one's wares); to peddle
咆哮páoxiàoto roar; to thunder; to snarl; to bluster (of wind, waves etc); crashing waves (onom.); to rage (of a person)
责骂zémàto scold
嚎哭háokūto bawl; to cry; to wail; to howl; also written 号哭
号哭háokūto bawl; to wail; to cry
yāoto shout; to bawl; to yell (to urge on an animal); to hawk (one's wares)
吆喝yāoheto shout; to bawl; to yell (to urge on an animal); to hawk (one's wares); to denounce loudly; to shout slogans
háohowl; bawl
嚎啕大哭háotáo dàkūto wail; to bawl (idiom)
喧呼xuānhūto shout loudly; to bawl; to vociferate; rumpus; uproar
放声大哭fàngshēng dàkūto burst into tears; to sob loudly; to bawl
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