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呵责hēzéto abuse; to berate
耻骂chǐmàto abuse; to mock
jiùto destroy, to slander; to abuse; to defame, (non-classical form of ) a fault; a defect, an error, to blame; to censure
侮骂wǔmàto scold; abuse
chánto revile; to abuse
蠹弊dùbìmalpractice; abuse; corrupt practice
詈骂lìmà(literary) to scold; to abuse
to slight; to abuse; to insult; to blaspheme, to desecrate
líng(ancient form of ) a high mound, tomb of an emperor, to usurp; to abuse
弊端bìduānmalpractice; abuse; corrupt practice
滥用lànyòngto misuse; to abuse
to scold; to abuse; to curse
枉顾wǎnggùto neglect; to misuse; to mistreat; to abuse
辱骂rǔmàto insult; to revile; abuse; vituperation
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