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Mandarin guī
Cantonese (Jyutping)gwai1
Japanese Kuntotsugu, yuku, kaeru
Japanese Onki, gi
Korean (Hangul)
Korean (Yale)kwi, kwey
Definition return; return to, revert to
Character Rank
Hong Kong Grade Level5
Common Words With This Character  
歸還guīhuánto return something; to revert
歸納guīnàto sum up; to summarize; to conclude from facts; induction (method of deduction in logic)
歸結guījiéto sum up; to conclude; in a nutshell; the end (of a story)
改邪歸正gǎi xié guīzhèngto mend one's ways (idiom); to turn over a new leaf
歸根到底guīgēn dàodǐafter all; in the final analysis; ultimately
歸根結底guīgēn jié dǐin the final analysis; ultimately
Related Characters
Simplified Script
Historical Variant
Same Structure & Phonetic Component(Sign-in required)
Computer Encoding
Unicode U+6B78
Big 5C26B
Input Method Codes
Four Corner2712.7
WuBi 86wnnh
WuBi 98tnhh
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