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Mandarin yuán
Cantonese (Jyutping)jyun4
Japanese Kunmarui
Japanese Onen
Korean (Hangul)
Korean (Yale)wen
Definition circle; round, circular; complete
Character Rank
Hong Kong Grade Level1
Common Words With This Character  
圓滿yuánmǎnsatisfactory; consummate; perfect
圓光yuánguāngradiance emanating from the head; halo
圓珠筆yuánzhū bǐballpoint pen
團圓tuányuánto have a reunion
圓形yuánxínground; circular
橢圓tuǒyuánoval; ellipse; elliptic
Related Characters
Simplified Script
Historical Variant
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Computer Encoding
Unicode U+5713
Big 5B6EA
Input Method Codes
Four Corner6080.6
WuBi 86lkmi
WuBi 98lkmi
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